BenQ GV30 Review

This is one neat and clever wireless projector that aims to make bigscreen performance a portable feast, and set-up an utter doddle. Read our BenQ GV30 Review. BenQ’s design team has clearly put in some overtime coming up with the GV30. This is a truly portable projector in that the GV30 is light, has a … Read more

Sonus Faber Lumina II Review

Italian standmounts that exude the craftsmanship and heritage of Sonus faber, while arriving at unusually affordable pricing. Read our Sonus Faber Lumina II Review. One of the more remarkable things about the Lumina II speakers is not the luxurious leather wrap or their multi-layer wood construction, despite the superbly luxurious feel these features bestow on … Read more


The new Elite version of Polk’s Signature floorstander proves a cohesive and efficient performer which delivers on the promise of Polk’s technologies. When Polk decided to upgrade one of its best­selling models, it didn’t do anything by halves. The new Signature Elite S60, which replaces the outgoing S60, has new bass/midrange drivers, a new crossover, … Read more


It takes a bit of chutzpah to name a brand-new turntable a ‘Classic’ but anyone who’s met Music Hall’s founder, owner and highly outspoken spokesperson, Roy Hall, will already know that he was not only at the very front of the line when chutzpah was being handed out, but that he circled back for a … Read more

MARK LEVINSON No. 5105 Review

Despite having been in business since 1972, Mark Levinson did not release its first turntable, the No. 515, until 2017. This new No. 5105 does not replace the No. 515, nor is it a ‘stripped down’ version of it. In fact, despite the similarity in the model numbers, the No. 5105 is a completely new … Read more

BOOKMARK THIS read…listen…stream

by AMBER TUCKER, AVA WHITNEY-COULTER, BARRY BOYCE, KYLEE ROSS, OYINDA LAGUNJU, and STEPHANIE DOMET PEAK MIND Find Your Focus, Own Your Attention, Invest 12 Minutes a Day Amishi P. Jha, PhD • Harper One This long-awaited book from the leading neuroscientist studying the effects of contemplative practices on our attention system doesn’t disappoint. It’s an … Read more

the heart of gratitude

I haven’t always been grateful. Sure, I gave gratitude lip service on Thanksgiving. Surrounded by family, friends, and bountiful food I shared, I was grateful for… family, friends, and bountiful food. But I didn’t feel it in my bones. Over the years, I made gratitude lists, but they didn’t make me feel more thankful. As … Read more

FIND YOUR FOCUS Own Your Attention in 12 Minutes a Day

ILLUSTRATIONS BY ROY SCOTT You are missing 50% of your life. And you’re not alone: Everyone is. I say this confidently, even without knowing who you are, or how your brain might be different from the last one we tested in my lab at the University of Miami, where I research the science of attention … Read more


MATTHEW KADEY, MS, RD AT THIS POINT, EVERYBODY HAS LIKELY HEARD OF meal prepping. But as simple as the concept is—doing some preparation work ahead of time to make mealtime easier for the upcoming days—it’s still an often overlooked way to save time, money, and mental stress. The idea of spending a chunk of precious … Read more