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by AMBER TUCKER, AVA WHITNEY-COULTER, BARRY BOYCE, KYLEE ROSS, OYINDA LAGUNJU, and STEPHANIE DOMET PEAK MIND Find Your Focus, Own Your Attention, Invest 12 Minutes a Day Amishi P. Jha, PhD • Harper One This long-awaited book from the leading neuroscientist studying the effects of contemplative practices on our attention system doesn’t disappoint. It’s an … Read more

the heart of gratitude

I haven’t always been grateful. Sure, I gave gratitude lip service on Thanksgiving. Surrounded by family, friends, and bountiful food I shared, I was grateful for… family, friends, and bountiful food. But I didn’t feel it in my bones. Over the years, I made gratitude lists, but they didn’t make me feel more thankful. As … Read more

FIND YOUR FOCUS Own Your Attention in 12 Minutes a Day

ILLUSTRATIONS BY ROY SCOTT You are missing 50% of your life. And you’re not alone: Everyone is. I say this confidently, even without knowing who you are, or how your brain might be different from the last one we tested in my lab at the University of Miami, where I research the science of attention … Read more


MATTHEW KADEY, MS, RD AT THIS POINT, EVERYBODY HAS LIKELY HEARD OF meal prepping. But as simple as the concept is—doing some preparation work ahead of time to make mealtime easier for the upcoming days—it’s still an often overlooked way to save time, money, and mental stress. The idea of spending a chunk of precious … Read more

Tonglen Meditation for a Loving Relationship to the World

BY JACOBY BALLARD I BECAME A social justice activist in college in 1999. The model for activists at the time—a model that continues to endure—is that of the activist-as-martyr. We ate, slept, and breathed the issues were passionate about. We were expected to dedicate our entire lives to these causes. And since activists were paying … Read more

Redefining Core Strength

BY SARAH CLARK MENTION THE WORD “CORE” in a yoga setting and an array of responses typically follows. Some students will instinctively think of chiseled abdominals. Others will contemplate a dreaded abs exercise. Many will take it as a prompt to cultivate concentration, calm, or even their sense of personal integrity. Although the concept of … Read more