It takes a bit of chutzpah to name a brand-new turntable a ‘Classic’ but anyone who’s met Music Hall’s founder, owner and highly outspoken spokesperson, Roy Hall, will already know that he was not only at the very front of the line when chutzpah was being handed out, but that he circled back for a … Read more

MARK LEVINSON No. 5105 Review

Despite having been in business since 1972, Mark Levinson did not release its first turntable, the No. 515, until 2017. This new No. 5105 does not replace the No. 515, nor is it a ‘stripped down’ version of it. In fact, despite the similarity in the model numbers, the No. 5105 is a completely new … Read more

Audio Technica AT-LPW50PB Review

Looks great, sounds great, priced well — we struggle to find anything against this $ turntable. SUMMARY + Fantastic looks + Built-in phono stage + Sound quality + Stylus/cartridge upgradable – Screws a little large, RCA sockets a little small! On the block, in the street, as it were, there are two questions that we … Read more

Kronos Discovery Review

The original Kronos turntable (a limited run of 250, that proved so popular it joined the Kronos line full time as the Kronos Pro) was one of the most lauded and distinctive high-end decks of the early 21 st Century. It’s distinctive second platter rotating in the opposite direction to the main platter drew a … Read more

Naim Audio Solstice Review

Naim Audio Solstice turntable system by Alan Sircom   It’s a little strange that for all its importance in vinyl replay over its first 48 years as a manufacturer, Naim Audio has never made a turntable. Sure, there have been power supplies, phono stages, and even the Aro tonearm, and yes… a heavily modified turntable … Read more

Clearaudio Concept Active Review

From the science city of Erlangen in Bavaria comes this German turntable, which is out to prove that high-quality vinyl replay needn’t come devoid of convenience features. Read our Clearaudio Concept Active Review. SUMMARY Clearaudio Concept Active With Concept MM cartridge: $4499 Wood/dark wood finish $4999 With Concept MC cartridge $5295 Wood/dark wood finish $5995 … Read more