Tonglen Meditation for a Loving Relationship to the World

BY JACOBY BALLARD I BECAME A social justice activist in college in 1999. The model for activists at the time—a model that continues to endure—is that of the activist-as-martyr. We ate, slept, and breathed the issues were passionate about. We were expected to dedicate our entire lives to these causes. And since activists were paying … Read more

Redefining Core Strength

BY SARAH CLARK MENTION THE WORD “CORE” in a yoga setting and an array of responses typically follows. Some students will instinctively think of chiseled abdominals. Others will contemplate a dreaded abs exercise. Many will take it as a prompt to cultivate concentration, calm, or even their sense of personal integrity. Although the concept of … Read more

Ayurvedit Loneliness Remedies

BY SAHARA ROSE EVERYONE EXPERIENCES LONELINESS on occasion. Unfortunately, many of us feel it most intensely during the holidays, regardless of whether we are surrounded by friends and family, in a relationship, or alone. You typically become lonely when you feel disconnected not only from the world around you, but from yourself. It is a … Read more

Turn Your Self-Care Routine Into a Ritual

BY WYLD YOUNG PRACTICING TRUE SELF-CARE—nurturing your mind, body, and spirit—is more essential than ever, says Vivianne Garcia-Tunon of The Well at The Mayflower Inn, a holistic and integrative spa and wellness destination in Washington, Connecticut. The resort specializes in restorative treatments that draw on Eastern as well as Western healing traditions. To elevate your … Read more

Yoga Nidra: Essential Rest

BY RINA DESHPANDE WHEN I BEGAN my career as an educator in New York, I woke up early to plan lessons. Then I spent the day setting up materials, teaching a full classroom of students, meeting with families, and attending staff meetings. After an already long day, I went to evening graduate school classes, then … Read more