HyperX DuoCast USB Microphone Review

The microphone that comes built into your laptop or headset might be good enough for calling friends and family, but if you regularly use your PC for work video meetings or recording your voice, it’s worth upgrading to a more sophisticated model. This is a decent option, offering plug-and-play setup alongside high-quality recording. It should satisfy the demands of even the most discerning listeners. Read our HyperX DuoCast USB Microphone Review.

HyperX DuoCast USB Microphone Review

There are plenty of controls on the microphone itself, which let you fine-tune the way recordings sound. Yes, there is plenty of software that also lets you do this, but it’s convenient to have all the controls available on the mic. For example, a button on the mic lets you mute it quickly, while another lets you control the volume of the recording.

The DuoCast comes with a shock mount, table-top mic stand, and a boom arm attachment that supports all standard attachment sizes. It also has a 3.5mm audio jack for connecting headphones, to help ensure the sound you’re recording is perfect.

You needn’t worry too much because we found it recorded superbly clear audio. It has two recording patterns you can choose from, depending on whether you want to capture a single voice (which does a great job of ignoring any background noise) or picking up the chatter of a few people around a table. The latter option picks up more background noise but still produces excellent results.


11mm dynamic speakers • IPX4 water resistance • Bluetooth 5.0 • USB-C and wireless charging • 23.7×22.3×22.3mm • 22g • Two-year warranty


10 Total Score
HyperX DuoCast USB Microphone Review

Great value for money, this microphone gives you high-quality voice calls and is easy to set up

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Blue Yeti £ Slightly more expensive but with more recording settings that can handle audio in more varied situations

HyperX DuoCast USB Microphone Review

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