[wpsm_toplist] SUPPLIER If you like your mini-ITX cases to be barely any bigger than the hardware they house, with your graphics card sitting end-to-end in a shoebox-sized enclosure, look away now. Large cases aren’t unusual for Thermaltake, as its oversized behemoths stretch from its mini-ITX offerings all the way up to its full towers. … Read more

Assassin’s Creed Review

DEVELOPER UBISOFT MONTREAL PUBLISHER UBISOFT RELEASED NOVEMBER 13, 2007 WEB Novel ideas save Altair from falling on his face. By Joseph Knoop According to Assassin’s Creed, the fine people of Damascus, Jerusalem and Acre only had about three lines of employment: carrying breakable vases on their heads, accosting citizens accused of petty crimes, or … Read more

SteelSeries Sensei Ten Review

An old favorite gets a new coat and sensor, but is it enough? Dave Alcock The sensei from SteelSeries has been a favorite for many a gamer since the original was released back in 2011. Its predecessor, the Xie, released in 2009, was very similar to the Sensei—almost like a prototype—but since the Sensei itself … Read more



Roccats Burst Pro isn’t quite what you’d call cheap, but in a world of seemingly simple gaming mice going for upwards of £, this new ultra-lightweight gaming rodent is a relatively affordable option. In accordance with its modest price, you don’t get a lot of extra features, but there’s plenty of the latest technology and … Read more

MARANTZ NR1711 Review

The affordable Marantz NR receiver could meet all your cinema and gaming needs, says Steve May. Read our MARANTZ NR1711 Review. [wpsm_toplist] Style meets substance Seven-channel 8K-capable Dolby Atmos AV receiver The current top dog in Marantz’s slimline NR series Yamaha RX-V6A; Pioneer VSX-S520 The latest in Marantz’s now long-established slimline, half-height receiver range, the NR1711 … Read more

Klipsch The Fives Review – Time to take five

Klipsch is targeting the soundbar market as well as stereophiles with its latest Heritage Wireless powered speaker pair. Ed Selley listens in. Read our Klipsch The Fives Review. AS WELL AS a strong line in passive speakers, Klipsch has been producing powered versions of some of its bookshelf models for quite a while. [wpsm_toplist] Yet … Read more

YAMAHA A-S3200 Review – Crystal Clear

Yamaha’s top A-S3200 amplifier impresses Noel Keywood with its crystal clarity. Read our YAMAHA A-S3200 Review. Last month we featured Leak going back to their stylistic roots with a wood-encased amplifier straight from the 1960s. This month I’m review­ing here the utterly gor­geous Yamaha A-S3200 amplifier that similarly harks back to this Japanese company’s style … Read more

Sonos Arc Review

The Sonos challenger in the Atmos-equipped soundbar market, the Arc proves worth waiting for, though not without its quirks. Read our Sonos Arc Review. [wpsm_toplist] SUMMARY + Impressive sound + Genuine height & side drivers + Smarts include all the benefits of the Sonos system –   All-channel music –   No analogue input –   No subwoofer … Read more

Canton smart soundbar 10 review

An unusual driver arrangement, lots of inputs and detailed manual set-up provide differentiation for Canton’s Atmos-equipped smart soundbar. Read our Canton smart soundbar 10 review. [wpsm_toplist] SUMMARY Canton Smart Soundbar 10 + Big, room-filling audio + Genuine height drivers + Good smarts inc. Chromecast + Expandable – Lacks detail cut-through – No subwoofer included at the price … Read more

NAD M33 Review – Masters of the universe

Hot on the heels of the compact M10 comes NAD’s full-size one-box-suits-all solution. HFC just adds speakers. Read our NAD M33 Review. [wpsm_toplist] DETAILS PRODUCT NAD M33 ORIGIN Canada/China TYPE Network music system WEIGHT 9.7kg DIMENSIONS (WxHxD) 435 x 133 x 396mm FEATURES •  Quoted power output: 2x 220W (8ohm) •   Digital inputs: 2x coaxial; 2x optical; 1x … Read more