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by AMBER TUCKER, AVA WHITNEY-COULTER, BARRY BOYCE, KYLEE ROSS, OYINDA LAGUNJU, and STEPHANIE DOMET PEAK MIND Find Your Focus, Own Your Attention, Invest 12 Minutes a Day Amishi P. Jha, PhD • Harper One This long-awaited book from the leading neuroscientist studying the effects of contemplative practices on our attention system doesn’t disappoint. It’s an … Read more

Ayurvedit Loneliness Remedies

BY SAHARA ROSE EVERYONE EXPERIENCES LONELINESS on occasion. Unfortunately, many of us feel it most intensely during the holidays, regardless of whether we are surrounded by friends and family, in a relationship, or alone. You typically become lonely when you feel disconnected not only from the world around you, but from yourself. It is a … Read more

How Microdosing “Magic” Mushrooms Helped Me Fight Depression

BY TASHA EICHENSEHER MAY I BE GROUNDED. MAY I BE CURIOUS. This was my daily mantra from last November through February. Every morning I’d step outside in my bare feet, feel the earth under my toes—even in the snow—and repeat those words internally. Then most days I’d go inside and make myself a matcha, enjoying … Read more