Tonglen Meditation for a Loving Relationship to the World

BY JACOBY BALLARD I BECAME A social justice activist in college in 1999. The model for activists at the time—a model that continues to endure—is that of the activist-as-martyr. We ate, slept, and breathed the issues were passionate about. We were expected to dedicate our entire lives to these causes. And since activists were paying … Read more

Redefining Core Strength

BY SARAH CLARK MENTION THE WORD “CORE” in a yoga setting and an array of responses typically follows. Some students will instinctively think of chiseled abdominals. Others will contemplate a dreaded abs exercise. Many will take it as a prompt to cultivate concentration, calm, or even their sense of personal integrity. Although the concept of … Read more

Yoga Nidra: Essential Rest

BY RINA DESHPANDE WHEN I BEGAN my career as an educator in New York, I woke up early to plan lessons. Then I spent the day setting up materials, teaching a full classroom of students, meeting with families, and attending staff meetings. After an already long day, I went to evening graduate school classes, then … Read more